Date: 30/07/2013


Chelsea FC have taken advantage of our one stop shop offerings amongst our speciailst divisions all under one roof!   Our commercial laundry equipment division OPL Limited who have been experts in the market for over 40 years are proud to have supplied and installed Electrolux commercial laundry equipment replacing the inadequate facility that was in use previously. 

Our chemical dosing division OPC Solutions Limited supplied and installed the latest technology dosing systems and very high grade laundry products including our low temperature destainer ICE for outstanding results. 

Perhaps the greatest addition for Chelsea FC was our ozone laundry system supplied and expertly installed by our specialist division Ozone Laundry Systems Limited.  This system provides total infection control from low temperatures and substantial savings through reduced heating and water usage.  Due to the low temperatures used with the ozone laundry system there will be no thermal shock or number cracking of the kits and the gentle process will ensure longer life of the textiles.  A great benefit to any establishment that wishes to dramatically cut costs, boost their green credentials and implement total infection control.


For assistance with your requirements related to any of our service including commercial laundry equipment rental sales and servce, chemical dosing systems and products or ozone laundry systems we would be pleased to hear from you on 0845 077 65 65 or


Key Operated Laundry Equipment Solution
Date: 10/05/2013

OPL Limited were delighted to be approached by one of their major housing association customer's who required a solution to their problem.  They wished to control the usage of the laundry equipment at their sheltered housing scheme from the uneconomic use of residents washing as little as a single sock to unauthorised users bringing their washing to the laundry room, however they did not wish to raise any charges as these were already in place via the service charges.  The solution was the charge key system from Electrolux which allows the office via a very user friendly charging unit to add credit to each residents key which is required to start the commercial washing machines.  Due to the controlled amount of credits given i.e. 20 washes per month this ensures that the washes are not wasted and no other persons can start the machines!  A fantastic simple and neat solution to any customer that would like to control the usage or have a cashless system that still requires credit to be put in.  OPL Limited would be pleased to assist with any requirements that may arise for your sites.  Ideal for universities, sheltered housing schemes, caravan parks, student / staff accomodation and many more.  Contact the office on 0845 077 65 65 or for assistance.

Electrolux Washing Machines Approved for Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme
Date: 28/03/2013

Folding the laundry is all in a days work for starlet Michelle Williams
Date: 20/03/2013


Hollywood actress Michelle Williams loves folding the laundry when she isn’t starring in a new blockbuster.

Despite being one of Hollywood’s up and coming starlets, the 30-something screen idol says that she loves nothing more than spending time with her daughter and doing the household chores.

In an interview with Stylist the actress said:

“I just wait and see what opportunities come to me. In fact I have a burning desire to stay home and fold laundry and occasionally a piece of work catches my eye and rips me from the laundry pile. But I’m more peaceful, happier, more myself, and better suited to folding laundry.”

Michelle recently starred as Marilyn Monroe in My week With Marilyn but fans might best remember her for her role as Jen in Dawson’s Creek. She says she wouldn’t swap her life with anyone else. She has a seven year old daughter to the late Heath Ledger.

Michele didn’t confirm if she has the time to wash her own laundry or if she uses the services of a laundry company. However it’s clear from the beautiful dresses and the way she is always immaculately turned out that whatever method of laundry cleaning she employs she is doing something right.

Afonwen Laundry ready for English expansion
Date: 14/03/2013


Commercial laundry business Afonwen Laundry has just announced that it is going to open its first commercial laundry in England.

The Welsh laundry experts are planning to open a new £4m reading centre which will feature state of the art industrial laundry equipment which is capable of processing over 800,000 items of laundry every week. The facility is also expected to create over 100 jobs.

Afonwen have a set a deadline for the new facility to open by the summer. They already have a strong customer base and the new facility will likely serve the hotel/catering industry.

The business expansion will see the company assert their presence in London and the south east market place.

The managing director of Afonwen Laundry, Mark Woolfenden, is quoted as saying:

“We are delighted that following substantial investment in 2008 and 2010 we are, once again, making a major strategic investment which will further accelerate our growth and ensure Afonwen becomes an increasingly nationwide supplier with a strong focus on the corporate four-star and budget hotel sectors.”

The expansion will see Afonwen handling over 2.75 million items of linen every week making the company one of the biggest privately owned commercial laundry companies in the UK.

Taking care of hospital laundry
Date: 27/02/2013


When it comes to hospitals every step needs to be taken to make sure that the risk of contamination is eliminated as much as possible. This kind of environment is naturally one that is subjected to an increased threat of diseases being spread so there has to be a strict code of practice to combat this. There are certain procedures that are unique to hospital laundry and industrial machines are required to handle the volume of washing that has to be taken care of on a daily basis.

In a hospital the laundry that has to be done can be contaminated with blood and suchlike so it is vital for there to be a system in place to avoid cross contamination. The way this works is by having a wall to separate the cleaned items from those which are contaminated so that they never come into contact with each other. Laundry that is contaminated can be wet so it has to be placed inside a container that protects against it leaking. This will also be marked with a label and as there is the risk of needles being inside it is advisable to hold the bags away from the body.

Choosing a commercial washing machine
Date: 20/02/2013

Whether you run a hotel or you just have a big family, you’re going to have a lot of washing and a household washing machine just won’t be able to handle the pressure. The only thing for you is a commercial washer that is guaranteed not to break after just a few uses.

When choosing the right commercial washing machine for you it’s really important that you take a couple of things into account:

It’s really important to make sure that the machine you choose is energy efficient because if you’re doing a lot of washing – and therefore drying – your bills are not going to be small so an energy efficient washer will help keep them as low as possible.

It’s really easy to compare the efficiency of a washing machine; usually each model will have a sticker on the front that will tell you exactly how much energy they use so you can compare the models and decide on the machine that’s best for you.

Another important thing is reliability; you know that a household washer won’t work for long if you’re using it for hours on end each day so you want to make sure your commercial washer will last a long time. There are loads of machines out there that people have said will work for years without needing to be replaced so have a look around and read some reviews before you decide.

Finally comes the object of cost; you obviously want a machine that is affordable in every way. You need to be affordable to buy and affordable when it comes to energy; when it comes to buying washing machines you shouldn’t be looking for the cheapest because they’re bound to need repairs, instead you should look at the recommended models that are still a good price in order to get a great deal.

Date: 08/02/2013


We are delighted to add the fanstastic Whirlpool Asko Proline 6kg washer & dryer supplied with 12 months parts and labour warranty and delivery to UK mainland to our special offers!

Very impressive washer with many great features as explained on the product data sheet CLICK HERE to read more.

This washer is available in pump drain model and also gravity drain with medispec and WRAS approval. It also has a matching dryer available in vented or condenser variants. These machines can go under counter or if required can be stacked for true versatility.

  • 1400rpm spin speed/G Factor 450
  • Commercial use
  • Pro Express Cycles
  • AAB Class
  • 4 Sets Of Programmes
  • SensiSave Consumption Sensor
  • Smart seal, bellowless design system
  • EasyControl = 1 touch (12 languages)
  • Hand and wool wash programmes
  • Large 31cm door opening
  • Balance control system
  • Kidlock
  • Coin-op ready
  • Maximum water blocking safety system
  • Full sound insulation
  • WRAS Approved: 0810058
  • Gravity Drain Valve available
  • Designed for professional use
  • Removable drum lifters


  • 6kg large capacity
  • Guaranteed for commercial use
  • Sensidry Automatic sensing system
  • Temperature sensor
  • Vented dryer
  • Coin-op ready
  • Stainless steel drum and bulk head
  • Double lint filter
  • Removable fan for easier cleaning
  • LED water container and filter full indicators
  • Butterfly drying action
  • Easy control
  • Ball bearing support
  • KidSafe

Samsung Commercial Laundry Equipment Addition
Date: 08/02/2013

We are pleased to be able to offer the very impressive Samsung commercial washer and dryer models.  These are supplied with two years part and labour warranty and delivery to site.  Large capacity 12kg models at very keen pricing ensures a great option for many applications.  The washer operates on 1PH 13amp power and pump drain for easy installation and is WRAS approved and has a sanitise programme that meets CQC care standards and a quickwash that takes just 29 minutes!  The washer and dryer have stainless steel front panels and the 1PH 30amp vented dryer can be stand alone or stacked with the optional stacking kit available.   A great addition to our offerings to keep strengthening our range of commercial laundry equipment for our customers.

Photo-Me to install laundry equipment at supermarkets
Date: 20/12/2014

Although mainly known for its photo booths, the instant services company Photo-Me International is looking into installing commercial laundry equipment in supermarket car parks and entrances.

The aim of installing industrial washing machines and dryers in these locations is to provide supermarket customers with an affordable and convenient way to get their washing done, at the same time as doing their grocery shopping.

At present, Photo-Me is trialling the idea in Europe. The company has been running trial schemes in both France and Belgium for around three years, and it is now gathering feedback on whether the scheme would work in the UK and whether there is a demand for such a service amongst British shoppers.

In Europe, the cost for customers has been around 8 Euros (6.45) for a large load and an extra 1 Euro (81p) for a drying cycle. The cost may be higher, however, once the service is finally rolled out in the UK. As the machines will be industrial sized, they are expected to be used for hard-to-wash items such as duvets and other types of bedding, which consumers may find difficult or expensive to wash elsewhere.

Christyens UK confirms dry cleaning business takeover
Date: 19/12/2014

The detergents and chemicals manufacturer Christyens UK has reportedly expanded its Bradford-headquartered business by completing a 2.1 million takeover of the dry cleaning business Alex Reid.

Alex Reid, formerly owned by Johnson Service Group, is a dry cleaning and laundry consumables company with sites in Croydon and Leicester and around 70 staff members. Christyens UK, a company first established back in 1946 which now has more than 100 employees, will now take over the sites and expand from its head office in Bradford into other parts of the UK.

Commenting on the takeover, managing director Nick Garthwaite said:

“Through the support of Christeyns, this acquisition will enable Alex Reid to further strengthen its position in the UK dry cleaning sector.

It will enable us to utilise our capacity (in Bradford) even better. I am really passionate about manufacturing in Bradford.”

Christyens, which has grown to be an international business with divisions including industrial laundry chemicals and technology, already has a supplier relationship with the Johnson Service Group, and it now has a three year supply agreement with Johnson Cleaners UK on similar terms to those the company had with Alex Reid.

Vented vs. condenser tumble dryers
Date: 17/12/2014


When choosing commercial laundry equipment for your business or for on-site laundry facilities, there are a huge number of different options to choose from.

One of the decisions you will need to make is between vented and condenser tumble dryers. To help you choose which type of commercial tumbler dryer is right for your needs, lets look at how each of these types work and what benefits they offer.

Vented tumble dryers

Vented tumble dryers are fitted with a flexible hose that, once connected to an exhaust duct leading to the exterior of the building, effectively removes hot and damp air and vents it into the open air. These dryers often come with a venting kit, but may require a little more setup and extra equipment than other types of dryer.

Condenser tumble dryers

The difference between vented and condenser tumble dryers is that the latter condenses the steam created during the drying process into water. This water is collected in a tank, rather than the steam having to be vented outside. You will have to empty the water tank frequently, but you will be able to install these dryers anywhere as they dont need any external venting.

HSE urges laundry businesses to heed equipment safety warnings
Date: 11/12/2014

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned laundry businesses to train employees to pay attention to safety warnings on commercial laundry equipment, after a laundry worker was seriously injured using a commercial ironer.

The man was working at a laundry firm in Southend-on-Sea in Essex when the incident occurred. The 23-year-old was cleaning one of the companys commercial ironers when his arm was pulled inside and pinned against the roller. This caused his arm to be seriously burned and crushed to the extent that he lost two fingers on one hand.

After the incident, the HSE prosecuted the mans employers for failing to take steps to prevent the incident. Southend Magistrates Court heard that a guard had been removed from the machinery, despite numerous warning labels and notices in place advising that the guard must be in place before cleaning or servicing could be carried out.

Commercial laundry equipment, and especially commercial ironers and other heated machinery, is one of the biggest causes of injury to people working within the laundry industry. This is why the HSE recommends that businesses and their employees pay heed to all safety warnings and guidance provided by the manufacturer.

Denim could be ideal material for Catclo laundry additive
Date: 12/11/2014

A newly developed laundry additive with the potential to remove pollutants from the environment could work best on denim materials, according to one of its creators.

The additive, which is known as Catclo and could soon be used in industrial laundry operations, is designed to reduce the presence of polluting nitrogen oxides in the environment, which have been linked with respiratory problems in the past. It does this using titanium nanoparticles, which stick to the surface fibres of fabric that has been washed in the additive. These nanoparticles then react with the oxygen in the air when the dry clothing is worn and light shines on it.

Professor Tony Ryan, a co-creator of the innovative Catclo product, has now said that denim is one of the materials the additive will work best with. Speaking in an interview with The Guardian, he used the town of Sheffield as an example to explain how the additive would potentially work:

“[To] get Sheffield below the air-quality threshold we need about a quarter of a million people to be catalysed at any one time -- about half the population. So if it was only people in Levis then you wouldn't have enough people,”

“But because there are more pairs of jeans in the UK than there are people, if half the people had washed their jeans in this stuff then we'd be there. It works particularly well with denim.”

Benefits of Ozone Laundry Systems
Date: 11/11/2014

Commercial laundry equipment has become significantly more eco-friendly and energy efficient in the last few years, as both manufacturers and laundry business owners make concerted efforts to go greener.

This has led to the production of Ozone Laundry System products, which are now available for laundry businesses, as well as hospital trusts, care homes and housing associations, to make use of.

Ozone is a specially designed system which aims to offer users a host of eco-friendly, energy and money-saving benefits, such as the following:

1. Overall lower washing temperatures
2. Reduced energy consumption, leading to lower energy bills
3. Reduced water consumption, leading to lower water bills
4. Reduced labour time
5. Requires fewer chemical products, which could otherwise lead to less skin irritation caused by washed clothing and bedding
6. Money saving as the business will need to use less water, energy and chemical products 7. Complete infection control
8. A greener reputation for the business by reducing your carbon footprint and boosting your green credentials, the Ozone Laundry System can make your business more attractive to eco-conscious consumers
9. Gentle washing process and no thermal shock, meaning that textiles last up to 50% longer.

Brilliant Laundry Group commissions performance audits
Date: 09/11/2014

The Brilliant Laundry Group (BLG), which has a network of launderettes throughout the UK, has reportedly commissioned an independent series of internal audits of business practices and performance to be carried out.

The audits will be conducted by the Laundry Technology Centre (LTC), which will review BLGs practices with the aim of insuring that the business continues to operate to the highest standards. Amongst the areas included in the evaluation will be the performance of the groups commercial laundry equipment, as well as cleanliness, product softness, starch level and whiteness of linen.

Commenting on the internal audits it will soon carry out, LTCs managing director Steve Anderton said:

“The Brilliant Laundry Group is the only laundry group in the UK to invite LTC to audit and conduct a systematic review of their operations, and that in itself is testament to their drive for higher standards of customer service and satisfaction.”

Meanwhile, BLGs managing director Steve Clarke said:

“Independent validation is ultimately good for both us and our customers, as it demonstrates an impartial recognition of the hard work our staff carries out to ensure our customers receive the highest standards.”

All you need to know about hydro extractors
Date: 08/11/2014

When starting a laundry business or kitting out a new laundry facility, there are certain types of commercial laundry equipment to buy as a first priority washers and dryers. However, there are other pieces of equipment your business or facility may need, such as commercial hydro extractors for example.

Commercial hydro extractors are designed to extract water from washed clothing, bedding and other fabrics and textiles at a far greater rate than even the best industrial washing machines. They do this by spinning the load at an incredibly high speeds (i.e. 1500 rpm), far faster than the spin cycles of most washing machines.

Benefits of hydro extractors within a laundry business

Commercial hydro extractors offer many benefits for business owners, making them well worth the extra investment. Advantages include the following:

•    Major reduction in drying times
•    Reduced energy consumption
•    Increase in laundry productivity outputs
•    Less wear on laundered items

What you need to know before getting a hydro extractor

It is important to note that because hydro extractors operate at such high speeds and use a lot of force, they require rigid mounting and very solid foundations to ensure they can be used safely. You should consult an expert before getting one fitted within your business premises.

Pioneering waterless laundry technology heads to the US
Date: 17/10/2014

The UK company responsible for creating the brand new technology which is set to revolutionise the world of commercial laundry equipment has now set its sights on the US.

Xeros Ltd, which developed the virtually waterless laundry system, is now set to complete its first installation in Manchester, New Hampshire. The technology uses polymer bead technology with specially designed industrial laundry detergents to clean clothes and linens more effectively than previous methods, whilst also using a fraction of the water.

The patented beads the process uses apparently attract dirt from soiled items and absorb them, and they can be used for hundreds of washes before they need replacing.

The company believes that its new technology could help laundry, restaurant, hotel and other businesses which require laundry services to save money, energy and gallons of water. The virtually waterless washing method could also make business laundry processes much more efficient and eco-friendly, as well as halving their use and reliance on industrial laundry chemicals.

Tim Maxwell, who is the head of the largest dry cleaning brand in the world, GreenEarth Cleaning, has said of the technology:

“We had the honor of previewing this exciting new technology to many of our 800 U.S. dry cleaning affiliates over the past two years. We believe Xeros will be embraced by our industry because of the significant cost savings and environmental benefits it brings.” 

All you need to know about barrier washers
Date: 15/10/2014

There are quite a few different types of commercial laundry equipment, each designed for a different application and to meet certain needs. One piece of equipment which has been designed for a specific purpose is the barrier washer.

How are barrier washers different to other types of washers?

Unlike standard washers, barrier washers are specially designed to effectively separate clean and soiled linen and fabrics, thereby eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

Where are barrier washers used?

There is a particular need to keep clean, disinfected laundry separate from contaminated, dirty lined in hospitals and other health care environments, where hygiene, cleanliness and infection control are all a critical priorities.

If cross contamination occurs in patient bed sheets, clothing or any other fabrics which come into contact with a patient, it could have severe and perhaps even fatal health consequences.

How do barrier washers work?

Most barrier washers are very simple to operate, and they are also surprisingly simple in the way they work. These washers have a physical wall which separates the loading and unloading side. A person using the machine would put dirty laundry in one side and remove it from the other side when the washing cycle is complete.

5 ways to improve dishwasher performance
Date: 12/10/2014

If you run a restaurant or a bar, you will rely on a commercial dishwasher or glass washer during each and every working day. You need your dishwasher to be performing at maximum efficiency and to give you the most sparkling results. If it isnt, you need to take action or your customers may start noticing those dirty plates and dull glasses.

Follow these five top tips to help improve the performance of your commercial dishwashers:

•   1. Prevent calcium build up within your dishwashers (which can leave white calcium deposits on the insides of the dishwasher as well as on dishes) by regularly running a decalcifying program.

•   2. De-lime your dishwashers regularly, in the same way that you de-calcify them, to prevent lime scale build-up.

•   3. Upgrade your chemical products. As well as choosing better quality professional dishwasher detergents, you should also upgrade your professional rinse aid.

•   4. Clean your dishwashers thoroughly at the end of every shift and check them again at the beginning of the day.

•   5. Pay close attention to the filters of your dishwashers, keeping them clean and free of debris at all times.